Finke Theatre

The Historic Finke Theatre

Built in 1885, with a design by well-known St. Louis architect Jerome Bibb “J.B.” Legg, the Finke Theatre was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 2004 citing its significance in the area of entertainment and recreation.

Finke Theatre

Tickets Available

Join us for unforgettable performances! Once you experience the Finke Theatre, you will want to return again and again. If you desire individual performance tickets, calling ahead is recommended. Season tickets are still available!

Finke Theatre Interior

Exceptional Entertainment

We are proud to host wonderful performers who serve worldwide audiences! The Finke Theatre welcomes a wide assortment of talented groups and individuals to the stage for the enrichment and enjoyment of our community . Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Our Sponsors

October 2019
Jenice Taggart
John & Patty Kay

November 2019
Earl & Marj Friedmeyer
Calif Const Supply Inc

December 2019
JD & Eileen Gattermeir

January 2020
Jenice Taggart

The Finke Theatre is full of life and hosting some wonderful performers with world wide audiences. We work diligently to select a wide variety of entertainment for the community. We've featured comedians and impersonators, contemporary, classical and bluegrass musicians, variety acts, plays and everything in between. You will love every show!


From Rags to Riches

To truly appreciate the beauty of the Finke Theatre, one must know how far it has come since California Progress, Inc. first began the renovation process. Dedicated volunteers spent innumerable hours to facilitate the remarkable transformation.  To stay true to the era and history of the theatre, efforts were made to reclaim as much of the original hardware and fixtures as possible. Now the beautiful Finke Theatre has refinished original floors, reclaimed and re-upholstered seats with original aisle floor lighting, extraordinary painted wall detail with original art deco sconces, an expanded stage wired for sound and light, the lobby features a wood and textured glass ticket booth. For more pictures, see our Renovation Gallery.

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