Volunteer Committee
"Volunteers are still the backbone of any organization!"

Want: More and more volunteers. We have 8-10 faithful volunteers per performance but can always use more! And our fundraisers are completely staffed by volunteers.
  • A Highly Successful Season Of Serving The Finke Theatre Patrons
  • Chairperson Contact: Mary Ann Wasser
      Cell (573) 619-6283

    Performances at the Finke Theatre could not happen without the willingness, dedication and professionalism of our many volunteers. We are fortunate to have skilled, passionate and tireless support from them. Our volunteer sign-in log is often overlooked and such modesty results in the incomplete list below. Those phantom volunteers not on the list, who assist throughout the year, are invaluable and their omission is not deliberate.

    Fundraising Committee
    "In good times and bad, we know that people give because you meet needs, not because you have needs." —Kay Sprinkel Grace

    Want: We want to offer fundraising opportunities to a broader group of supporters and donors. We want to step out of the status quo, and into a new level of fundraising. We want to encourage donors to give, give more and give often. That would allow us to meet the community's theatrical and entertainment needs. We want to thank those, in the past, who have donated their funds, their time and their hearts to this theatre.
  • To expand our donor and supporter list.
  • To offer fundraising events that draw a "younger" group.
  • To become more effective with our effort.
  • Chairperson Contact: Pam Green

    Show Committee

    "We seek to provide a variety of cultural entertainment to the community and surrounding areas at a reasonable price."

    Want: We want your ideas for entertainers that you enjoy and possibilities to add to our list!
  • To bring bigger names to our theatre and to include summer programs.
  • Chairperson Contact: Patricia Kay

    Membership Committee

    "We accept anyone here, no questions asked." —Anonymous

    Want: To double our Friends of the Finke Membership
  • Expand our offerings to our members so they recognize the value in our partnership.
  • Chairperson Contact: Pam Green

    Design & Construction Committee

    "When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece." —John Ruskin

    Want: Donation of Ornate gilded mirrors for the dressing rooms.
  • Design, build and install a Marquee that is representative of the Finke's historical style.
  • Complete dressings rooms that support our performer's needs.
  • Chairperson Contact: Greg Baer
    Cell (573) 301-1052

    Promotional Committee
    Description: The promotional committee is responsible for the creation, publication and distribution of all promotional materials. It's task includes the sale of tickets both seasonal and at performances.
    Want: The committee needs ideas and help in expanding the promotion of the Finke Theatre and its events.
  • Expand awareness of the Finke Theatre.
  • Explore a broader type of promotion.
  • Chairperson Contact: Carolyn Miller
      Cell (573) 690-9363
      Home (573) 796-2895


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